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By Dann Kamau

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Music is good medicine for the mind and soul of a human being. Imagine a work environment where everyone concentrates on their work using systems and all is quite. Tensions may run high and boredom might set in. This is what Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev had in mind when they developed Winamp pro through their Company Nullsoft. They later sold the program to AOL who later in 2013 sold it to Radionomy.

Winamp Pro is a media player for Windows, Android and OSX. It features sound music, visualization, playlist and media library. With this program you can tune in to local radio stations and listen to their broadcasts and music. The program has a capability of displaying articles, video photos etc. It supports use of CDs and can even burn music into them.

Winamp Pro Version 1 in 1997 became very popular receiving 3 million downloads. Version 2.0 in Sept 8, 1998 became the most downloaded Windows application. By year 2000 the program had a record 25 million registered users. The 2002 re-write received a cold reception thus the update to Winamp 5.5. Winamp pro


  • It makes work environment lively
  • Soothes the mind and soul


  • Fanatical fans can misuse and disturb others
  • it encourages and leads to piracy
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • because i like it! And I want this program for play my library music everytime everywhere. You should chance this method for downloada programs!

  • home working, load music on ipod I dont like itunes. tu listen mp3, hear music at house and share with lot of friends and relatives. best progran ever

  • for my personal and domestic use because i dont found it in play store, if it is a great app por smartphone so i have to download in this site

What similar programs have you used?
  • new to programing. normally my son does all the work. last one is winamp 5.666. however I am about to give areview of your net listing so I wou

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like its simplicity and versatility, this allows one to fall in love with this software, personally it is within the top 10. That's why I highly recommend not hesitate to download it

  • it is very simple, it is so quick or fast and the awesome program has got a user fiendly interface which helps users to interact withis directly

The community idea behind Winamp Full is what sparked its fast-rising download numbers and made it one of the best free media player right behind Windows Media Player. The software was supposed to be very basic and free of complex features but the ability for Windows users to customize their Winamp experience was surely unexpected.

The player sports a large number of skins and free plugins that anyone can download from the Winamp library. All the basic features of the player communicate well with your customizations and most file formats are supported outside the MOV format. The fast components of those features is another thing to note.

We have noticed that Winamp Full does offer everything one might need in a media player. The convenience you experience while using the player is not often found in Windows Media Player. One feature that has fast-risen in popularity is the minimized player bar. Even the skin of that bar can be changed.

In addition, the download of Winamp Full can result to having a management platform for your iPod and its contents. The conversion of multimedia files is also possible and the speed of conversion is fast. It is undeniable that Windows Media Player has an edge that seems to hold but for a more customized experience, you should download the free version of Winamp Full.