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All Free MP3 Cutter 6.6.7



Now you can select and extract only the parts you want from your MP3 audio files

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Looking around for a software application that can allow you to choose and take out only the sections you need from your MP3 songs? Then you don’t need to look further with All Free MP3 Cutter. I have always longed to extract the chorus sections from my favorite songs and use them for ringtones, for video clips and presentations that I create, and so much more. I downloaded the software to give it a try.

All Free MP3 Cutter has a very intuitive and simplified user interface. The MP3 file’s two channel signal streams are shown in a dual graphical wave format. This is because MP3 files are in stereo channels. I could play the selected range to check if this is indeed the part of the MP3 that I wanted. After selecting my desired range, I could then specify the target folder where I wanted to save the edited file, as well as the output format. This means that I could keep the original MP3 file while having the new file on hand. Now I could use the new chopped up track for any purpose that I desire.

All Free MP3 Cutter is truly an excellent software application perfect for audiophiles out there looking for a versatile audio editing tool.


  • Allows you to select the parts you want from your MP3 files
  • Makes audio editing easy with its intuitive user interface
  • You can choose to save in another audio output format


  • Perfect for novice users but intermediate and expert users may need more functions
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • All communications with our clients are recorded. We are replaying, listening calls and we will cut and keep only the important information required.

  • I am going to use this program to cut my musical files and enjoy the music I listen because sometimes there are long blanks audio samples and it's annoying

  • Cutting my mp3, because MP3 Cutter 6.6.7 is the best application. So I want to download this software and I hope will be used for all people

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have never used such software. This is the first time i will be using such feature. Hoping for easy and user friendly experience. Thanks in advance

What do you like most about this program?
  • all about this program becous of it is my chois 1# then i used every day, any time, when the programe updat i want to be upgred it to new virsion then download now

  • simple and freeware,no virussess, no spy ware. free download and also no advertisement. cool software for our business. we need something support

Have you ever wished you could cut MP3 files and take out only the parts that you need? Then you should try and download All Free MP3 Cutter, an MP3 cutting application that lets you cut your audio files easily and quickly. With this software, you will now be able to cut your MP3 songs and remove the parts that you don’t need. You can use these edited files as ringtones for your mobile phones, background music for your videos and many other uses.

All Free MP3 Cutter can also cut WMA, WAV and OGG audio formats. You can also configure the output settings, set video editing options and control quality as well. Save the output files into various formats such as WMA, MP3 and WAV. You can also add effects like fade in and fade out, echo and volume adjustment features.

So if you’re looking for an excellent audio cutting application, download All Free MP3 Cutter right here, today.