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Intel GMA 900

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to update my computer in order it will be betterto make my work become easier than before toget more inforfation from the internet to make my pc getting better

  • win7 update driver because of compatibility. its very dificult to find driver for older chipset and new os. i dont have any idea what to write

  • i use this program to install intel graphic card into my personal home computer because y don`t have a CD with drivers,my original CD is damage

  • i like using this software because it makes my computer to be fast n when i play games no scratchies it always smart as it is so thats my favourite sofware in computers

  • im going to re install my graphics driver om my old laptop and why do i hav to type this bollox 45 characters are left so ill end with sukdik

What similar programs have you used?
  • driverscape i dont know more. wait i didnt even know if the first one was an answer.why is it too hard to just download...something am not ecven

  • I've used lots of similar programmes and drivers. If I could use a different graphics card and driver I would, but I can't as I'm stuck with this crappy thing.

  • I haven't used any similar programs. I just need a driver for this integrated video chip, because I happened to be so dork that I had upgraded a buddy's computer from XP to 7.

  • audio drive reltak for note book microsoft i am sure you can find the best audio driver for my computer with windows seven 32 bit profetiona

  • ibm think center A51 needs it, hope this version will work with windows 7 sp1 version. I tried already other versions but without luck.see you

What do you like most about this program?
  • dont know, when this driver work in Microsoft windows 7 ultimate with 64 bit, that is good an makes friendely, now let test ist an hope there is no virus

  • easy to use and understand what to do with the software. Just wish more versions can be submitted for each search on your website. thanks a lot guys

  • The drivers provided by from your servers are perfect matching for respective motherboards and also works fine with appropriate versions of o

  • i finally found it, when i search it for long time, googling and downloading lot from manufacture and other. why you make me tipe more than one paragraf

Intel GMA 900