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Celestia 1.6

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to get acquited with the galaxies, planets and solarsystems in our known universe. to cultivate my knowledge in astronomy and astrophysics, as a budding astrophysician

Want to take a trip to the universe and check out what it has to offer? Feel like travelling around far-reaching stars and skies? Well you can keep your hopes up because this groundbreaking application, Celestia, is granting your wish!

Celestia is an innovative program that provides outer space simulation in three dimension. This spatial 3D simulation is like no other as it lets you discover the world of planets and constellations beyond imagination. You can explore any locations within and around the Earth as well as throughout the whole galaxy!

With Celestia, you are given the opportunity to live your dream of experiencing the euphoric beauty of what lies in out space. It even comes with fantastic add-ons for better celestial navigation like no other. You don’t have to wear your jumpsuit anymore. With this super enchanting application, just sit and relax in front of your PC and you’re good to go!