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Learn to lead your people to reach civilization in this fun and tactically made My Tribe gaming software. In this fun and overwhelming game, you are expected to take care of the people that were victims of a shipwreck on a tropical land mass. Your people are relying on you so don’t let them down.

In My Tribe, you will guide your tribe in discovering new ideas and technologies, decoding mysteries, and prospering to new heights. People in your tribe are going to start their own families, provide for each other, and work for their own. And you must always be available for each and every need that they would have.

My Tribe offers a huge number of islands waiting to be discovered. Another thing is that you can even create your very own tribal environment that will suit your fantasy. You will definitely learn to look after your very own tribe. Be careful in every decision that you will be making and see whether your tribe will thrive and flourish to achieve the best life they could have with your guidance.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

•256 MB of RAM

•65 MB of free space on disk

•600 MHz processor

Trial Version Limitations:

•You will be able to use it only during a limited time.