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3 Cards to Dead Time 1.0

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collect some hidden cards which help you reveal the mistery of what happened sometime back

By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

this is a horror game and the first time i started playing it i got very excited because i love horror games as well as horror movies.Your main objective as the user of this game will be to look for cards which have some hidden secrets about the past and thereafter they will guide you on the next cause of action.Some town that existed long time ago will now be known with the help of this cards because can you imagine they just vanished just like that and the people that were in it also got lost.

as you continue playing this adventure game you will find a lot of adventure in it and want to know more about the game i wish you all the very best as you try to unravel the misteries of this amazing game.It is fun to play and it is something that i kept on playing over and over again and i wish you too as the user of the game will find some pleasure in playing the game and i wish you all the best in your endevours.


  • unlock the misteries of long time ago
  • it is an adventure game


  • in the trail version there are some limitations



If you are a fan of ghost stories, 3 Cards to Dead Time is for you. In this game you must find out what is happening in a small coastal town.

For you to have a good time, in 3 Cards to Dead Time you must find hidden objects and solve puzzles to advance. Your goal is to gather the pieces you find in your way and to discover what happened.

The story that 3 Cards to Dead Time tells began more than eighty years ago, when a town completely disappeared. Jess is the only survivor of that terrible tragedy, and now several terrible ghosts are chasing her in her dreams. She decides to return to that place and try to understand what happened, but she also disappears.

Download this game and pass through its seven chapters successfully.

Trial version Limitations:

- You can only use this software for a limited time.