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Alien Hallway 1.1

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Fight against endless hordes of green little critters from outer space

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, January 18, 2016

Alien Hallway is a new action-strategy shooter for PC developed by the company Sigma Team, creators of Alien Shooter series.

In this game full of adrenaline, players measure their ability against endless waves of green creatures in the confines of a special military installation. The rules are strict and the fate of humanity is on the table.

Controls an army during the challenging single-player campaign with just one mouse click. With a user-friendly interface, players can battle through three-dimensional fields, destroying enemies with super-powerful weapons, throw various types of grenades or the ability to use air strike while implementing improvements in their bases and units. Players take important decisions saving and getting their soldiers Golden bonuses that are of vital importance in this intense fighting.

Scenarios that change constantly and glow effects mixed with heavy rhythmic music and give life to the game and keep you enthralled.

It has a solo campaign mode where we visited many lonely planets


  • The units and skills can be improved
  • It is a simple game and very funny


  • Slightly repetitive, but it's a short game, just about 3 hours.



Alien Hallway is an entertaining action and shooting game set in space in an uncertain future. In this game you must stop an evil alien race.

This program, developed by Sigma, takes you to an unsurpassed level of 3D action. Alien Hallway’s scenarios are very diverse, there are very dark and gloomy and others full of light. Your mission is to destroy all aliens. To do this you have a great variety of soldiers and weaponry.

As you progress you can buy new and more powerful weapons. Destroy what you have in front of you. In this way you will prevent that many planets to be invaded by this alien race.

Download Alien Hallway and play for hours.

Trial version Limitations:

- Some functions are restricted.