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Gtr fia gt sports car racing game.dont let them pass you

By Frank Kanyua

On Wednesday, July 23, 2014

GTR FIA GT is a sports car racing simulation,which was created baed on real tracks.The game was actually made from maps of real tracks to give the game an accurate read on real track racing.The game goes on to make the race as realistic as possible and not just to make it an easy to play game.

In single player mode one can ruin the whole race just by crashing to another car and causing a pile up,this will end the game.There is also an online racing were you can multi play with upto twenty other racers.

The game offers a chance to choose from different cars from ferrari,chrysler,bmw and others.You can also edit the cars to chanche the wings,bampers and others.

The game offers differents tracks and also oval tracks.The car speed is fairly the same as that of real cars.Its not enhanced with boosters which make the game easy to play.Driving smoothly and changing gears is the only way to increse the speed.Although the user is allowed to map the controls like joypad/keyboards,a wheel and pedal will make the game quite an experience.


windows and xbox

256mb ram

70mb free hdd memory

100mb graphics memory

wheel and paddle controller(optional but very good)


The realistic tracks make the game very good and interesting.This is only found in a handful of games.The game is as realistic as they get because its car speed are not meant for an easy play but to build your game play.


  • The tracks are made from real tracks
  • Car enhancement is possible by settings
  • Multiplayer is now possible via online
  • The game is realistic as the real tracks


  • Joypads dont give you the full experience




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i love to do my downloding write here it is very nice for me and my family thank you guys to do such a wonder full job great i cant complane

Take car racing to the next level with GTR: FIA GT Racing Game. In this game, you can experience intense action with perfect racing simulation.

As a player, you have to compete against 50 racers. You can also engage yourself in 10 historical racing tournaments.

GTR: FIA GT Racing Game still presents the famous tracks and cars from the original series. In this game, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. There are different gaming modes that suit your playing style.

However, there are lots of factors which can prevent you from reaching your goal. Aside from the rude behavior of other racers, you can also experience changes in weather condition.

For a more exciting gaming experience, GTR: FIA GT Racing Game uses the Live track technology. This feature allows modifications of the tracks in the middle of the competition.