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You have to wait so long between version and version, very powerful to enjoy in all its splendor equipment required

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015

There is little to say about Quake 2. To start marked the beginning of the adventure that later would continue in Quake 4, he settled (though not invent) many of the bases of shooters and belongs to the gods of Olympus Art hitting shots; id Software. Quake 2 is a marvel even today for those who played at the time. It is obvious that because of their age lacks many things as a somewhat deeper story, best sound, a more challenging AI, etc etc. This game anyway be more typecast as a classic as a masterpiece because we see with the eyes of nostalgia. the characters are much more real. Are much more vivid, they are much more credible than its predecessor. The enemies seem to feel the adrenaline and are able to pick stocks for busting out and avoid traps. His movement is excellent and varied, much less monotonous and predictable than is usually standard in these games. The way in fighting the death rattle is overwhelming (and annoying, because even dying while some will be able to place a couple of well-placed bullets).

In addition, the designs are good and well made. The player will take more than a scare during the game when he turned in an area of apparently 'guaranteed' and not friendly face of death are.


  • They wanted to have done well. Quake 2 is a well finished software
  • It will always be a classic to which we will want to play


  • You have to wait so long between version and version, very powerful to enjoy in all its splendor equipment required




For what are you going to use the program?
  • playing games end having fun , exercising coordination beetwen eyes, hands and part of the brain responsible for motor activities. enjoy the feeling of close combat operation

What do you like most about this program?
  • The fast moving action with surreal monster combatants what do you want, more blood ? I just want a free download of the game so I can pretend

The technology used in Quake 2 is so way ahead of the ones used in other games. Its name may be suggesting that it is a sequel of Quake, but the account of this game has such a tiny involvement in the first game of the series.

In Quake 2, you assume the role of a space marine. You are all by your own in the home planet of Strogg after a huge troop crash turned out dreadfully wrong. You will fight with Stroggos up to your last breath so you can see Makron, the head of this ruthless race, face to face.

Quake 2 brings another advancement to the first person shooter games. You must try this one to see and experience for yourself what this game claims to be true.