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QUAKE III Team Arena

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For the very first time, strong forces unite for a common cause. In QUAKE III Team Arena, powerful groups cooperate with each other to reach the same goal.

In this multiplayer game, teamwork is a very important factor to fulfill mass destruction. The teams of The Fallen, Pagans, Crusaders, Intruders, and Stroggs need to make an alliance for a channeled operation.

QUAKE III Team Arena evaluates the strength of each group with the use of the four game tests. The player acts as a first person shooter and he must engage in several fatal arenas.

There are different combat scenarios to play. The player can choose from all-on-all or team-based mode.

Since unity is a must, the player needs to share team-based maps to accomplish their mission. The action is even more enhanced with the intuitive interface and added graphical and sound effects.

In QUAKE III Team Arena, a soldier who fights alone unites with other players to struggle in the arena as one.