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Tomb Raider Anniversary

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The original Tomb Raider is now remade even grander and more exciting than ever

By Kyle Daniels

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

Having always loved playing the original Tomb Raider, I was excited to try out the new, remade Tomb Raider Anniversary. According to the game’s developers, Crystal Dynamics, the Tomb Raider Anniversary has all the original game environments and uses a new and improved version of the Legend game engine. This only means crisp and smooth game graphics and animation.

I opened the game and started playing. The first impressions I had of Tomb Raider Anniversary was the game graphics. The visuals are stunning, the colors are vibrant and the camera angles are breathtaking. The initial challenge was the entrance through the mountain caves and it was already proving to be very exciting. The 3D perspective is flawless and makes the gaming experience really awesome. Searching for the Scion artifact has never been this thrilling. I knew that this is virtual exploration at its very best.

According to the developers, there are more levels and scenarios that I have to go through to complete the game, as well as supplies, relics and secrets along the way to discover. There are also predators waiting amidst the shadows so you have to keep your dual guns always on the ready. Supernatural monsters are also on the prowl so you have to keep your eyes open and your reflexes should be quick and fast.

Overall, Tomb Raider Anniversary is an amazing remake of the original that will let you play the game like never before.


  • Software makes use of a new and improved Legend engine
  • Stunning game graphics and smooth animation make for exciting gameplay
  • The physics engine also allows for more realism


  • This new version is truly amazing from an already very impressive original – no disadvantages here




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Lara Croft comes back with all new exciting adventures and explorations. Tomb Raider Anniversary is a game play designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original Tomb Raider game.

The storyline starts when Lara was asked by a syndicate to retrieve the Scion. While exploring in isolated worlds just to search for ancient tombs, Lara found out that she is not alone.

As she fulfills her mission, Lara accidentally summoned the Scion’s guardians. There are also other characters who are on their way to retrieve this mythical object.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary, the player takes control over Lara Croft. She needs to enter undiscovered areas and opens the way towards new realms.

The game offers stunning graphics which add excitement to the adventure. In addition, brand new technologies are combined with the realms of physics.

Tomb Raider Anniversary not only delivers original storyline, but it also offers intense fighting scenarios.