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One of the most exploited genres, rallies, are what ultimately they want to win the battle on the theme of simulators

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The game has several game modes. between these these arcade mode. This game mode comes in handy for those who have not started on genres rally simulators and those who already have experience in this type of game to take a few quick games.

Xpand Rally uses an upgraded chromed revolutionary graphics engine 2004, which will provide us with huge dimensions stages with levels of graphic detail unpublished so far in these games.

We will have to pay special attention to some viewers is that sometimes there are fans just to get a photo they stay until the last moment on the road involving a danger to us and to them, if we can think, by chance, the idea to run him over we shall be punishable join a number of additional seconds.

Xpand Rally (PC) is one of those games that surprise now and then, to please everyone equally whether or not one amateur rally, a must buy for all car enthusiasts


  • the game has very good graphics and innovative
  • Ease of use of cars, perfect for beginners.


  • Xpand Rally (PC) can become repetitive




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To drive a car, to try the program for a while in order to buy an official version later. I heard much about this game, which looks quite nice.

Xpand Rally is a rally racing video game that allows players to tune-up racing cars to enhance their performance in races. Players have access to 20 cars, which has components and parts that can be individually enhanced to achieve maximum racing speed and efficiency. Xpand Rally gives gamers the option to play in single or multiplayer modes, or they can go online and compete with other gamers on the Internet. Xpand Rally features rally race tracks from all over the world, and there are well over 60 that can be played. Continuously changing weather conditions will test the player’s driving skills, as their vehicles react accordingly to the elements they are exposed to. With their rally cars behaving proportionally according to their tuning conditions, race surfaces and weather conditions, this racing game will definitely be an exciting challenge to all rally-racing enthusiasts out there.

Trial Version Limitations:

- You will be able to use the software for a limited period of time.

- Some functions are restricted.