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Frontlines: Fuel of War

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First-person shooter set in the military conflicts of the near future

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, April 11, 2016

It is becoming increasingly difficult to gain a foothold in the genre of shooters PC. How do I get there? The creators of Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 Frontlines bet on a multiplayer oriented where the action is fast and straightforward title.Frontlines raw speed and more frantic action on any other part, and has in its only correct graphical section a more than acceptable to the screen of your proposal is interesting.

The argument individually so has little weight, and puts us in the shoes of a soldier immersed in confronting the Red Star against an alliance of Western countries trying to cope. The reason for the conflict is the progressive depletion of the oil fields of the Middle East and the fierce struggle between the two factions for control of the few surveys that continue to provide fuel revenues.

The arsenal is varied and has enough differences between both sides to make advisable try to find both the army and type of soldier that specifically suits our style. Graphically, Frontlines is a product that does not dazzle, not at all, but competently meets with its intention to move to a dark, gloomy and rootless future.

Frontlines Fuel of War is an interesting option if we are regulars of online shooters military court.


  • The options with unmanned vehicles
  • Has a very good multiplayer online
  • Good in general sound section


  • Another FPS without any innovation
  • The design of some nondescript levels



A first person shooter game, Frontlines: Fuel of War is about the condition of the world today and tomorrow. It takes about worldwide energy crisis, economic hopelessness and environmental crumble. As the player, you take the character of an influential fighter included in the Western Coalition Army.

In Frontlines: Fuel of War, your epic campaign is in opposition to the Red Star Alliance. It is your goal to run the very last oil reserves of the world. It merges its cinematic game play to the modern firepower and a ground-breaking Frontline Combat System to bring the most exhilarating and powerful first person shooter game ever.

Frontlines: Fuel of War lets you customize the soldier structure. In this way, your game is represented with your play approach through your weapon and character preferences, as well as role specialism.