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Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

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Save the Earth from foreign invaders and be the hero of mankind in Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. It is a game that combines the role-playing components and where you fall under the first person shooter.

As the main character, your mission is to fight against the Strogg invaders. You can do this with the help of your skill soldiers. You can also choose from several classes of fighters with different qualities and weapons.

In playing Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, you have to make sure that the members of your team has good coordination. This way, the diverse needs and demands of the group can be sustained.

For a more realistic gaming experience, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Warsprovides amazing graphical effects such as the simulation of the landscapes. The movements of the characters are also enhanced as if they are real fighters.

To assist you and your team in fulfilling your missions, you are allowed to ride any vehicle that you want. You just have to make sure that you accomplish your objectives and beat the Stroggs up.