ArcaniA Gothic 4 screenshot

ArcaniA Gothic 4

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ArcaniA Gothic 4 makes an invitation to players to travel around several sceneries and details. It takes pride in its diverse climate zones that have watchfully grown flowers and animals. It also features subversive dungeons, towns and fortresses with exceptional architecture. All of these are just waiting for you, as the Explorer.

ArcaniA Gothic 4 takes you to innumerable missions, daring encounters and enigmatic personalities. It tells a complicated story, challenging you for longer hours of a thrilling game play.

In ArcaniA Gothic 4, you will be ensnared with the amazing graphics, day and night sequence and captivating interaction of shadow and light. Be amazed of the dark clouds as they get together in skies. Feel enthusiastic with the weather effects as well. This is the game world that you are looking for.


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