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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn

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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn is one of the series of the legendary saga of Ultima Online. This new installment has stunning brand new features while retaining the original concept and designs.

In this game, the player is allowed to create his own character with 55 various skills. The skills include sorcery, swordsmanship, animal training and carpentry, among others. How to play and what the character is good at depends on the player.

There are hundreds of monsters that roam across the world of Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. To survive in the exotic areas, the player can also design and build his own house, fortress or cottage.

However, the player can share his challenging adventures and experiences by using the wide range of player-versus-player options. He can join to a worldwide group of players and even engage in player-created social events.

With its very functional user interface and unparalleled features, there is really no reason for not trying Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn.