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This is not a simulator rally or race, nor anything complex, it is simply being faster than the chronometer.

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, April 11, 2016

Trackmania is a car racing game no marches, no adjustments, no damage to cars or collisions between them.

One such feature is the number of different tracks that can run, you can create or download from the Internet. Apart from own racing game, Trackmania is like a 'Scalextric' virtual, where you can build circuits using a very simple editor to use and where you have at your disposal hundreds of types of connecting sections that can go to the tour.

Another feature that highlights the game modes are there to play, both alone and networked.

Trackmania has 3 solo game modes, Road, Puzzle and Survival.

The road mode features 51 tracks that should go consecutively in the shortest possible time.

The second game mode is the Survival mode. In this there are other 18 circuits that you have to go in a random order, here is not race against time but against 3 other cars, which must overcome.

The third mode is the mode puzzle game, in it it always starts at the track editor, where we have to connect the output, the goal and a series of checkpoints through a series of stretches of track that we propose

Trackmania meets the expectations of what a good game.


  • It has quality and no serious failures.
  • It has quality and no serious failures


  • Missing elements that would best game



A brand new and innovative car game combines the thrill in Arcade, SIM and puzzle game. Such application comes to you in the guise of Trackmania Original. It is not just an ordinary racing game as it has functional tools and features for a more enhanced experience.

As a racing game, Trackmania Original is a fast-paced one that offers wonderful racing tracks. The players can even create and design their own track according to their personal preferences.

There are several modes of competition so the experience can be shared with multiplaying. Aside from it, not only the professional players can enjoy since everyone is allowed to participate. This is because this application is built both for casual and hardcore gamers.

The players are also enabled to use the intuitive track editor in Trackmania Original. They can choose from 300 blocks in constructing the race track.

Three built-in racing environments are available which include American Desert, Countryside and Winter Landscape. Aside from the variation in the environment, there are also 50 challenges that await each player.