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Medal of Honor



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Medal of Honor is an application which features a group of warriors known as the Tier 1 Operators. This team operates under the National Command Authority and is consists of selected warriors who need to ensure that their special mission will not fail.

There are more than 2 million characters in Medal of Honor who wear the uniform of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. Out of this population, almost 50, 000 is under the direct management of Special Operations Command.

However, the Tier 1 Operator exists above and beyond the highly trained Special Operations Forces. They are actually lesser in number although they are considered to be the living instruments of war.

In Medal of Honor the player can enjoy the expert and skillful application of violence by the Tier 1 Operators. He needs to apply merciless strategies to give the opponents the most unforgiving battlefield situations which are experienced in the present day Afghanistan.