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Panda USB Vaccine

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  • this program close autorun automatic and the download is complete, double-click the installer to begin the installation process affdgrgergergeg

  • aside from its free download its safe to use as a protection for my computers and laptops. It can also be use together with other disk security.

Computers can experience infections because of the autorun of Windows Operating Systems. To address this problem, a powerful tool in the guise of Panda USB Vaccine prevents these malware infections.

In using this application, the user can select two types of vaccinations. He can choose Computer Vaccination or USB Drive Vaccination.

Panda USB Vaccine enables the user to vaccinate their computer to completely disable the autorun. This way, no program from USB/CD/DVD drive has the authority to auto-execute. This function can be performed no matter if those drives are previously vaccinated or not.

Aside from it, individual USB drives can use this application in disabling their autorun.inf. Therefore, the infections brought by malwares can be prevented from spreading automatically.

Panda USB Vaccine can support NTFS USB drives. The user can also enjoy the auto-vaccination function for resident drivers.