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Darkest of Days Patch 1.05

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Darkest of Days Patch is an excellent software which is created to deal with the troubles encountered in playing Darkest of Days videogame. It does not only fix the bug but it also enhances the usability of the game.

Darkest of Days Patch offers brand new features, including the PhysX system. Aside from it, there is also an improvement in mouse buttons for mouse 4 and 5. This option allows you to enjoy new mouse smoothing function.

With this application, you do not have to worry about the ATI driver problem experienced in Pompeii part 1. The functional cleanup of weapon codes like FMG and DNGr is also available. Moreover, you will not be bothered by Alt+F4 combination and the problems in the Rebel Yell mission anymore.

If you love playing Darkest of Days, be sure not to be left behind with the updates and improvements. Try Darkest of Days Patch now.

Trial Version Limitation:

- You will be able to use it only during a limited time.

- Some functions are restricted.