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Football Manager 2010



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Football Manager 2010 is a European football manager simulation game. The game’s objective is to allow you to manage a football team to competition success. There is a wide array of game screens available allowing you to see the game from different points of view.

As the club’s manager you command and control virtually everything, which includes how players can increase their performance and which coaches you should use to build a fortified coaching line up. You will also have the ability to gather feedback before and after football matches to help you see where your strengths lie and areas where you need improvement. An impressive match analysis tool also lets you study every pass, kick, shot and tackle that your team did during the match in 3D mode. You’ll also be able to set up tactics for your teams more intelligently through a tactics generator. Defining player roles is also another powerful tool that lets you assign players to specific parts of the playing field to perform different roles. Football Manager 2010 truly is a great and engaging football manager video game.

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Trial Version Limitations

- You will only be able to use only during a limited time.

- Some functions are restricted.