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MSI Afterburner 3.0.1

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Looking for an overclocking tool? Why not try MSI Afterburner. This powerful application uses the combined technology of MSI and Rivertuner to boost your graphics cards by up to 85%. It is compatible with ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards and capable of adjusting the clock rate on core, shader and memory domains. Moreover, it can enhance the overclocking capacity of your graphics cards with its over voltage function.

Besides its overclocking capabilities, MSI Afterburner is equipped with other great functions. It performs real-time monitoring of clock, voltage, temperature, fan speed and frame rate. This powerful tool, which has a customizable skin function, can also adjust fan speed according to various temperature trigger points. In addition, this program is based on OpenGL 3.2 and uses FurMark technology.

Get MSI Afterburner now and be amazed on what it can do to your graphics cards.