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LEGO Batman 2

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The city is in a big trouble after all the villains in Arkham Asylum team up and plan to break loose! But good news, dynamic DUO is here to defeat them and save Gotham City.

LEGO Batman is an excellent videogame that blends the gloomy Batman universe with the hilarious, versatile world of LEGO pieces and figures. This game features realistic 3D background set in creepy streets of Gotham City.

LEGO Batman provides colorful LEGO blocks which makes it different against the shadowy urban environment. In fact, all characters, objects, weapons and furniture in the game are made up of these colorful LEGO blocks. In this game, you will have the chance to choose whether you want to play as a hero or a villain. You can play as Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman or some other villains of the game. Each character has its own special powers and capabilities.

Play LEGO Batman and enjoy!