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Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first person shooter game based on the eagle-eyed military sniper. The player assumes three roles in the games many various missions. The first role is Sergeant Tyler Well, a sniper highly suited for stealth missions and covert operations. The second role is Delta Force soldier Private Anderson while the third role is that of a Mexican rebel named El Trejon.

This crack special force team’s objective is to train the local rebels on sniping and assault operations. The rebels in the region will use these newfound guerilla-combat type skills to attack enemy forces. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is an engaging special action force video game with emphasis on sniping skills.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior allows players to be sent to the fictional Latin American country of Isla Trueno. They are tasked to assist rebels neutralize the enemy force that overthrew their government. Hone your sniping skills with this first person shooter game.