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FUEL is an exciting racing video software game where the objective of the player is to complete the different levels of the single player campaign. The player’s aim is to finish the career mode of the game, using fuel as currency to pay for new vehicles and progress to the next level.

FUEL is set in a world ravaged by harsh weather conditions with added weather anomalies such as sandstorms and tornadoes. The day-night cycle has been sped up due to extremely changing global conditions. The game initially lets the player ride a few vehicles, and gradually work their way up, eventually having access to seventy vehicles. These vehicles can then be used to race in six various vehicle classifications. Players get to ride motorcycles, muscle cars, all-terrain vehicles, powerful trucks and SUVs. There is also a cool hovercraft called the Trident that players can use to race as well.

FUEL allows players to advance by playing for fuel and stars. Fuel can be won by successfully completing challenges. The player can only use specific vehicles for challenges. Stars are won through career races, where the player earns a star for each level of difficulty. Winning career races also lets players unlock new locations in the open world map. Download this game now.