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Software application takes a minimalist approach to opening and viewing photos

By Kyle Daniels

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014

There are a host of photo and image viewing software in the market today, and a lot of them already comes bundled with operating systems and other application suites. Most of them allow you to view images and photos quickly and easily, while the more advanced types lets you edit your photos and images. Free Photo Viewer is one of those programs that are not basic, but not that advanced either. Its somewhere right in the middle.

Free Photo Viewer, allows you to open photos and other images. This software also lets you apply minor changes to your graphic files, as well as convert them to other format options. The user interface is minimalist and intuitive, making it easy to use. I find it rather utilitarian though. A left control panel shows the current, open directory, and the main working panel at the center displays all graphic files. I found that I could also view the EXIF information of the selected file. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image Format and this is the standard that sets the format for sound, image, and, applicable in this instance, the ancillary tags used by digital cameras. This makes the software a quick, go-to viewing application for digital photographers. EXIF data includes a wide spectrum of parameters, including date and time the original image was taken, camera model, manufacturer, exposure time, aperture and so much more. Additionally, Free Photo Viewer also lets you adjust brightness, gamma, saturation and contrast as well.

So if you are into photography and would like a program that will let you open and quickly edit your photos, then Free Photo Viewer is perfect for you.


  • Software can display EXIF information of photos and images
  • A minimalist and utilitarian display makes work quick and easy
  • Minor changes can be applied to image files


  • More advanced software can do all these and more
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for personal use for viewing photos of onw and family and is simple there was no need i thimnk to ask this kind of question . anything more

  • or viewing photos in my personal computer, as now i am not able to view my photos stating that i should have the latest version of windows photo viewer

  • i have photo viewer now but sthis seems a ridiculous waste of timeomewhat else do you need me to tell you messages i can't open as they say i need a newer version

  • we are using this photo viewer to view elaborate edit rotate paste resizing recoloring editing and many more other things to do so thats why

  • I want to use this for viewing photos that I take from my phone when I put them onto my computer. They're mainly scenery and sky backdrops.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used photo viewer old version. but now its not working. it is used for business purpose. And computer institution for students studying

  • no idea of photoviewer only windows photo viewer. I do not have advance knowledge of editing photos and their software, though I do wish to know CAD

  • not used any programme this is the firwayn ian downloading it works well today i startde downloadingst time .i came to knpw that it is good soft ware

  • For viewing photos in my personal computer, as now i am not able to view my photos stating that i should have the latest version of windows photo viewer

  • i was previously using photo viewer but it is not responding in many ways no fotos can be seen thats why i want to use this app so i want to download it

What do you like most about this program?
  • this software is perfectly suits what i needed it is so good that i need it for my entire business to do the job wit it and also make my life easier

  • watch my camara photos without my camara on my pc so I hope you anderstand and will help me out to download this program now with no trouble


  • Show clear picture and easy operating many options are available in this software. This is one of the latest version of photo viewer and very helpful for us

  • simplicity, professionalism and beautiful. It enhances quality of photos and brings out the best background shots at all times for viewing..

Free Photo Viewer is an image viewer intended for professionals, and which shows every detail of every photograph.

When you select a thumbnail from Free Photo Viewer’s panel It’s immediately deployed to the left all the technical features of it. In this list you can see such things as camera manufacturer, model, opening speed, distance, ISO settings, exposure time, pixel resolution, etc.

In addition, this application has a complete editor which allows you to fix some parameters which may have not been taken into account when taking the picture.

Undoubtedly Free Photo Viewer is an excellent complement to the professional. Although, if you are a student you can learn a lot by using this application.

Download this program and discover the secrets of each image.