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3C Gin Rummy 7.1

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3C Gin Rummy is not just another card game, it is one of the most entertaining around. The game is played in pairs and is guaranteed to bring excitement and challenge at the table. 3C Gin Rummy might look like Solitaire in terms of the interface, but the fun you will experience while playing it is much better.

Essentially, you will receive a total of ten cards that should be arranged in sets. The more sets you are able to put together the more points you will earn. There is no restriction as to the number of sets you can arrange. In order to organize the sets, you will need a good strategy. 3C Gin Rummy is not an easy game to play.

The rules of 3C Gin Rummy are explained in a help file that is easy to understand. This is an exciting game that you will enjoy playing.