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Bouncing Balls 1.5.1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to make my self busy while waiting for my wife working as call center agent in Cebu City and to have a diversion also which can create me fu

What do you like most about this program?
  • levels are increasingly challenging, but the final level appears to be slightly incrementally too challeging..not sure how points are acquired

  • fun to play challenging rewarding stupid i dont have time for this please stopi live in phoenix im a red head love my man and my dog i want to plaay

  • keeping my company, prompt me to think fast and effective decisions making with adequate strategic plan of action. it's makes me feel balance

  • Downloading from my friend but this is the 4th i download from your site and nothing's workng i'm starting to think i'm being scammed somehow

If you want a fun time and train your logical ability and intelligence, be sure to get Bouncing Balls. This program is a great Flash game ideal for those moments of boredom in which you don't know in what to spend the hours of your day.

The objective of Bouncing Balls consist in eliminating each of the spheres on the screen. To do this, you have to shoot other balls on them to unite three of the same color. Sounds simple, but these elements are falling across the screen as time passes.

The challenge is great: when the line of spheres reaches the trigger location, a thousand tons weight will fall on your head. In addition, this hobby incorporates several levels. As you progress, you access new scenarios and the difficulty increases.

Shoot and shoot. Where does the ball go? See it for yourself with Bouncing Balls.