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Pool Master 2006

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Pool Master is a free game anyone can download to sharpen their pool playing Skill. The game has all the definition and characteristics pool players are looking for.

Pool Master comes with up to eight playing levels. The levels increase fast in difficulties making the game not obstacle-free. Your opponent, which is mainly the computer, gets stronger has you advance in playing levels. Your highest scores can be saved and compared against other online players. Despite being a fun to play game in Windows machines, Pool Master has many shortcomings.

A limited playing field

One requirement for a game to be qualified as modern is the level of interaction with other players. In the case of Pool Master, there is virtually none. First, you can test your skills against the computer only. Second, Pool Master is devoid of a multiplayer option. The level of customization of the pool table for instance is non-existent. We wished Pool Master would offer free patches to download in the like of GTA and Age of Empires III.

With its two playing mode, Pool Master is still a game you can use to pass time. You could even practice your pool shooting skills before facing real players at a real pool table. In the practice mode, the level of difficulty can fortunately be adjusted. With this minimal amount of functions, it goes that Pool Master is very small in size. The interface of the game is also very intuitive and simple to follow.

Once you download Pool Master, you will be able to have a decent time playing pool.

  • 8 playing levels increasing in difficulties
  • Easy to play
  • Intuitive interface
  • Decent graphic
  • Can only play against the computer
  • No multiplayer option