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Nero Essentials 12.5.01900

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Enjoy the popular services of Nero such as CD and DVD burning with this software

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, November 24, 2014

If you’ve ever tried Nero, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Nero is one of the most popular CD and DVD burning software applications available in the market today. The first time I encountered Nero was when it came with the motherboard I bought. I found Nero to be very easy to use, as well as versatile and powerful. Now, a free version of the basic functions of Nero is available, the Nero Essentials 12.

Nero Essentials 12 allows you to burn CD’s and DVD’s easily and quickly. Nero has a very intuitive and smartly configured user interface which makes optical disc creation easy as pie. You can also choose to convert your audio files, images and DVD’s as well. When burning CD’s and DVD’s, you can choose to burn files from your hard drive, or you can also copy CD’s and DVD’s. This software normally comes bundled with other branded hardware but you can also choose to download the free version.

I’ve always trusted Nero with my CD and DVD burning needs and now Nero Essentials 12 can give that to me once more.


  • Software provides the essential services of Nero
  • The application’s software user interface is very intuitive


  • If you need additional optical disc burning features, you need the full version
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i wanna burn my ps2 game cd which is running in my playstation two i want my games to be converted so for that i am now going to download this

  • I am a student studying movie production and I will use the software to burn DVD and CD which is required for my presentation and assignment. Thanks

  • making CDs and enjoying the program of nero discover lots of new upcoming films which can be downloaded and make cd to play on videos

  • Bought a DVD player that came with Nero Essentials on CD however it will not load properly...we want to watch DVDs up here at the cottage up north

  • I want to use for burning dvds from DVD shrink created folders on my laptop but so far I have been unsuccessful in getting Nero essentials onto my laptop

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used Roxio in the past and found it very hard to use. It would often freeze when trying to burn mp3 files especially. Nero is better

  • I have not yet used any similar DVD burners but I would like to evaluate this one but you are asking too many silly questions for my liking!

  • windowsmediaplayeron the windows 7 programthis does encompss burning of dvd'sit only covers cd's and asthis is less than i require, itis not satisfactory

  • i ussualy used windows, or you can said that i never use the program to burn CD or DVD. and i hope it (nero express essentials) is more better than before

  • i dont use any similar programs. this is the first program i'd ever used. thats all, thank you. and i believe that im confidently beautiful w

What do you like most about this program?
  • What I like most about this program is that, it allows me to burn songs, and other files into CDs or DVDs for storage or even for entertainment purposes.

  • Nero Burning ROM is only available for Microsoft Windows. Nero AirBurn, a new feature in Nero 2015, enables users to burn media straight from their mobile devices.[4]

  • It is intuitive, very easy to use and fulfills all my needs. I lost the bundled copt when doing a reinstall and so am happy to find a copy online.

  • simple and amazing...its easy to use and very convenient. preferred by most experts. i've been working this for so many years. productivity is its essence.

  • Its faster to use than windows media player and has in my experience always been more reliable in terms of the quality of media it produces.

Nero Essentials is a good application to try when it comes to copying and burning data to CDs or DVDs. Furthermore, the application is able to record data in CDs if needed which is quite fun. Data and recordings can be saved in MP3 and MP4 if required.

In Nero Essentials, the quality of data recorded or burned is quite high and the recording speed is fast compared to other recording applications. Concerning the burning speed, it usually depends on the size of data. The steps needed to record or burn data are quite easy to follow and adequate for professionals and beginners alike.

Nero Essentials can rival most recording and burning applications on the market. The design is appropriate for most users and lets you want to burn more data because it is so easy to use.