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Make your own Short Movies with this Simple yet Effective Video Editing Software

By Kyle Daniels

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Do you like the idea of being able to make your own personal videos with images and audio sections that can be saved on your PC? If yes, there is a very useful, convenient, and potent software that you can use. It certainly has the tools and features that can help you to have a professional-like video outcome.

Portable Movie Maker will give you the opportunity to create your own short movies on your PC without having a superior knowledge on video editing. It is a perfect software for amateur editors like me, who simply love to make short films. It also has many effects and special filters that you can put on your videos. As I explore this software, I instantly noticed its interface. It is very simple and straightforward. I just drag and drop the files that I will use, and then add some transitions and effects of my choice, and then set intervals on the timeline. Once everything is done, simply wait and enjoy the final outcome. Moreover, this software doesn’t need any installation, I just simply save it on my USB device, so I can use it everywhere I go.

I know that this software is not that advanced as any other leading software out there, but I’m certain that Portable Movie Maker has enough tools to create professional-looking videos. It is a fine software for aspiring video editors.


  • Offers lots of effects, transitions and filters
  • It doesn’t need any installation, simply save it on USB
  • Perfect software for aspiring video editors


  • It doesn’t have advanced features and too basic for expert users
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • photo edit to instagram page ? like editing video and putting music on this video or picture so ? want to download movie maker portable program.

  • personal photo-movie creation, i am willing to compile all family pictures into a video, i think it will more interesting, thank you for the software.

  • personal use fo rmaking and editing videos of eductional nature to be presented to students in a school in local community. This tool will help

  • to be a youtuber maybe, if a icant, i'll be searching for another sites, because i can't find something cool with not so much requirements i hop

  • I will be using this software to make videos from the pictures I take of family and friends. I love to share with others who are dear to me

What similar programs have you used?
  • i havent use before ep 10, 2013 - Portable Movie Maker is specially designed to be used on any PC without prior installation. Just run it from a USB key or any mobile storage

  • I have not used any such video editing or creating software before. This is the first time I want to edit videos and combine them with pictures.

  • I used Photoshop,Powerpoint,Microsoft word and ect diffrent stuff like that but Also Internet explorer I movie Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla

  • windows media maker the version 2.1 downloded from the net and worker a mounth for test and now i trie another programme more performant for me

  • live movie maker from windows seven seems not so useful since its not user friendly that is why i opted to this software because it is easy to use.

What do you like most about this program?
  • easy editing for movie files. I can merge two films into one and add any soundtrack I want. So well, that's all my review. Can I download it

  • user friendly and better in terms of product reliability and portable version can be accessed in any of the logins, kindly provide access to download this software

  • You can easily make videos and adding music. I dont really understand why Microsoft stop letting to download this program. Anyway, thanks for asking me.

  • Rendering vids making montages alot more :) anyways i just need to put random letters cause it puts error the text is too short so FIX THIS LOLOLLOLOL

  • I like this software very much beacause of its advantage. Beside it is also easy to use for everyone even they do not hace any experience. OK

Would you like to set up your own short movie with pictures, videos and audio fragments stored on your computer? If your answer is yes, we have a practical, comfortable and powerful option for you. Learn what Portable Movie Maker can do for you.

With this versatile program you will create small movies without having a PC or advanced knowledge of sophisticated or specialized video editing software. You just have to drag the files that you will use, to the user interface Portable Movie Maker, set the intervals on the timeline, add effects and transitions of your choice and enjoy the results.

Portable Movie Maker is specially designed to be used on any PC without prior installation. Just run it from a USB key or any mobile storage device to access all its benefits without any restrictions.

Create high-quality audiovisual anywhere and without complications. Download this tool now!