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Make your own Short Movies with this Simple yet Effective Video Editing Software

By Kyle Daniels

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Do you like the idea of being able to make your own personal videos with images and audio sections that can be saved on your PC? If yes, there is a very useful, convenient, and potent software that you can use. It certainly has the tools and features that can help you to have a professional-like video outcome.

Portable Movie Maker will give you the opportunity to create your own short movies on your PC without having a superior knowledge on video editing. It is a perfect software for amateur editors like me, who simply love to make short films. It also has many effects and special filters that you can put on your videos. As I explore this software, I instantly noticed its interface. It is very simple and straightforward. I just drag and drop the files that I will use, and then add some transitions and effects of my choice, and then set intervals on the timeline. Once everything is done, simply wait and enjoy the final outcome. Moreover, this software doesn’t need any installation, I just simply save it on my USB device, so I can use it everywhere I go.

I know that this software is not that advanced as any other leading software out there, but I’m certain that Portable Movie Maker has enough tools to create professional-looking videos. It is a fine software for aspiring video editors.


  • Offers lots of effects, transitions and filters
  • It doesn’t need any installation, simply save it on USB
  • Perfect software for aspiring video editors


  • It doesn’t have advanced features and too basic for expert users
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • personal usem i want this program to do a video for my school, the kids of 1st are going to celebrate his graduation :) sorry about my poor english

  • video editing that would allow me to choose particular scene selections and archive them for future utilization and personal viewing. thanks!

  • friends to remember all the things that happen in this short time that we spend, and save some beautiful memories with then that we will treasure forever

  • friendship memories for my friends to remember our sweet time which we all spend together in school, college & tour with different friends of each family

  • experimenting for use on preconfigured and central controled devices where i'm not allowed to install any program on since it is prohibited to do so

What similar programs have you used?
  • live movie maker from windows seven seems not so useful since its not user friendly that is why i opted to this software because it is easy to use.

  • i havent use before ep 10, 2013 - Portable Movie Maker is specially designed to be used on any PC without prior installation. Just run it from a USB key or any mobile storage

  • i have never used another similar program, i just used or windows basic movie maker. please let me download this application ot trying better

  • Window movie maker, Adobe Premier and many more. but it is not allow to install any new software on the company PC, So the portable is the choice that I can use.

  • Windows movie maker and hitfilm express 4 are some of the similar softwares i have used for editing my videos before.sgsdgtyae9QH wrfilAHfaeoptuip9eut

What do you like most about this program?
  • simple software make easy for us basic video editing more inserting. also low capacity make the application more use of friendly. 10 chars lesft

  • easily to make movies home and beautiful result with professional quality. I enjoy very much the experience to work with this program. Thanks

  • personnel activity with some friend and family, during hollidays some experience and learn in this domain. very interresting by video editing

  • its free and user friendly.it is so easy to use and helps me in doing my project.for a beginner in movie making,this application really works

  • it is easy to edit any Vidio,A Video Editor's Perspective on Making the Switch from Final Cut Pro to ... With FCP 7, almost all newer camera codecs (GoPro, Nikon D7000, Canon 7D, etc) ...

Would you like to set up your own short movie with pictures, videos and audio fragments stored on your computer? If your answer is yes, we have a practical, comfortable and powerful option for you. Learn what Portable Movie Maker can do for you.

With this versatile program you will create small movies without having a PC or advanced knowledge of sophisticated or specialized video editing software. You just have to drag the files that you will use, to the user interface Portable Movie Maker, set the intervals on the timeline, add effects and transitions of your choice and enjoy the results.

Portable Movie Maker is specially designed to be used on any PC without prior installation. Just run it from a USB key or any mobile storage device to access all its benefits without any restrictions.

Create high-quality audiovisual anywhere and without complications. Download this tool now!