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Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.3

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Having a reliable and powerful anti-virus is very important nowadays as malicious applications become smarter. Panda Cloud Antivirus is an anti-virus that is very smart and understands the way most viruses behave. Thanks to the anti-virus, your computer will have better chances of staying protected while you surf the internet.

One major distinctive characteristic of Panda Cloud Antivirus is that it is stored on the cloud. This means that no installation is really required. Being on the cloud also indicates that the anti-virus does not clog up your system’s valuable resources. All the basic attributes that an anti-virus should have are included in Panda Cloud Antivirus.

In Panda Cloud Antivirus’s interface, a constant indicator of your system’s health is displayed. If errors and vulnerabilities are found, Panda Cloud Antivirus will notify you and provide recommendations. This tool is definitely a must have.