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STATISTICA is one of the best data analysis software on the market. It is designed for business leaders and individuals looking to analyze their pertinent data. The application can be used in several platforms and is great for your analysis need.

STATISTICA features great tools that output data in a detailed and customizable form. Once users input their data, STATISTICA is able to recognize the pattern in the data and output detailed graphs and statistical tables.

In a sense, STATISTICA can be a data management application as well. It classifies data in a timely fashion and its analysis technology is advanced. The data outputted should be easily understandable. New procedures and functions such as the range of data can be edited to fit your needs. There is no doubt that business professionals will like STATISTICA.


For what are you going to use the program?
  • academic data analysis for significance of experimental desigh and determination of optimum conditions and desirability range for the considered design

  • ACademic purposes in the field of scientific research in biotechnological engineering in experimenatl design mainly and descriptive and inferential analysis

  • academic purposes for scientific research in biotechnological area in the Santa Maria Catholic University in the experimental design mainly.

  • will use it for my final paper and for future purposes for my post-graduate studies. am also considering to buy the full version if necessary

  • statistica helps identify data analysis of various data has clear procedures from data organization on spread can be used by both educational and consultancy firms.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used minitab software for statistical data drawing and drawing graphs in 3 dimension especially response surface plots using plackett

  • i used before so many softwares as xlstat which included i the microsoft office excel and also tried to work on the spss and spass software

  • none. I have not used any similar software yet. But I really prefer using Statistica because it is very easy to use and especially it highlights significant values

  • Genstat statistical software for mixed linear model analysis. Works more or less similar to statistica and provides comparable output. Familier

  • we have used no other programs similar to this one.we will start using statistica for the purpose of data mining using regression analysis..

What do you like most about this program?
  • Easy to operate. contain all the features that are useful in research work. 3 dimension surface response plot and especially Box-Behenken design and Plackett-Burman design is excellent.

  • efficiency with analysis is a perfect one. you also get other relevant informatio for future use in the analysis of your data sets. its gives a wide

  • I think that this program offers a lot of help for people who need to research about things which can be measured through statistical data as basis

  • What I like most about this program is that it is very comprehensive, user-friendly, and provides easier instruction in analyzing the available data.

  • data analisys is very quick and helpful with my university project, which is delevoping a reading tracker for long documents to improve user's reading skills.


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