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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I need this statistics program to proceed in a short data analysis for a study in Cognitive Psychology Master Sc. Degree (ANOVA, graph, etc.).

  • I am using this software for research purposes. I am going to make some correlation coefficient plots between two time series data. Thank you

  • Residual proteolytic activities with respect to processing time at different temperatures were fitted t o several models through nonlinear regression using the software Statistica

  • in academical purpose. I have to finish the Master final work, and I need this programme to make statistical analyses to obtain my results .

  • im a student at kfupm in saudi arabia and im required to do some exercises using this program therefore due to study purposes i really need to download it

What similar programs have you used?
  • statistica version 2006, wich was very good but I want now the latest version of this software because is very important for my data mathematical

  • i have used graphpad prism to draw table xy but for xyz statistica is more efficinent. i like to download this software via your site to solve

  • none. I have not used any similar software yet. But I really prefer using Statistica because it is very easy to use and especially it highlights significant values

  • i will use this program for studing and calculating my data of my phd dissertation about harmonisation of soils in chaharmahal province of Iran

  • Statistical Package of Social Science particularly a analysis of variance. But I observed that it is more friendly use if we utilized the statistica 12.

What do you like most about this program?
  • what it´s so usefull to process datas, it help´s me alot for doing my tesis. Even when i´m on another country this program is very simple to use

  • easy to use programm for many applications reliable and very good a lot features has been added recently to this program and this made it one of the best of its kind

  • It is a very efficient program that helps with doing statistical work quickly and accurately. work can be easily accessed and saved. Has really helped me throughout my statistics course

  • i love this program because it is easy to understand. even if you do not have the prior knowledge about the software, you still have high chance of effective usage.

  • Analysis of different experimental and field data in a secured and reliable ways. both social and biological ecological data mostly analysed

STATISTICA is one of the best data analysis software on the market. It is designed for business leaders and individuals looking to analyze their pertinent data. The application can be used in several platforms and is great for your analysis need.

STATISTICA features great tools that output data in a detailed and customizable form. Once users input their data, STATISTICA is able to recognize the pattern in the data and output detailed graphs and statistical tables.

In a sense, STATISTICA can be a data management application as well. It classifies data in a timely fashion and its analysis technology is advanced. The data outputted should be easily understandable. New procedures and functions such as the range of data can be edited to fit your needs. There is no doubt that business professionals will like STATISTICA.