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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to trial the programme for data analysis purposes for my Masters degree in Health studies attheUniversity of Cape Town medical school

  • I'm going to use this program to do statistical analyses on ecological datasets and to make graphs as a student of biology at a local university

  • version of statistica for use in work of environmental variables trough bioindicators of freshwater as microcrustacean and microalgaes and fish

  • for analysis of data of making reports and calculating exact results from the result i prepare in laboratory of handsheet testing report data

  • masters student working on phytochemical analysis of natural product. I am aiming on controliing the ectoparasites such as ticks by using the readily available biomedical materials

What similar programs have you used?
  • IBM spss Statistics v23 nothing more than that, even so, that program is awesome but we like to have another one for best results with our data.

  • statistica version 2006, wich was very good but I want now the latest version of this software because is very important for my data mathematical

  • i have not tried any program yet, Statistica is my first statistical software i am download. It was recommended to my by my professor at the

  • Genstat statistical software for mixed linear model analysis. Works more or less similar to statistica and provides comparable output. Familier

  • I have used SPSS,SAS,EVIEW and EzAnalyis tools in excel addin program to analyze my research work. These software have limited analyzing capacity.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Easy to operate. contain all the features that are useful in research work. 3 dimension surface response plot and especially Box-Behenken design and Plackett-Burman design is excellent.

  • the statistical software is very much needed especially in areas where we need powerful tools to help us doing data analysis. statistica provides relevant tools to help researchers make friend resullts

  • statistique graphs correlation sciences students university department notes exams calcul chemistry geology mathematics physics informatics con

  • It is a good statistical program, user friendly and allows mobility of data anaylsis between computers. It is not heavy and can be runned easly.

  • It is very useful in my scientific everyday work. Its simplicity makes things quite easier. Instructions guide is incorporated in program so I dont need to look internet for answers.

STATISTICA is one of the best data analysis software on the market. It is designed for business leaders and individuals looking to analyze their pertinent data. The application can be used in several platforms and is great for your analysis need.

STATISTICA features great tools that output data in a detailed and customizable form. Once users input their data, STATISTICA is able to recognize the pattern in the data and output detailed graphs and statistical tables.

In a sense, STATISTICA can be a data management application as well. It classifies data in a timely fashion and its analysis technology is advanced. The data outputted should be easily understandable. New procedures and functions such as the range of data can be edited to fit your needs. There is no doubt that business professionals will like STATISTICA.