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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will be using it to practice for university lessons. Because they don't give it to us, I am obligated to free download this programme from the internet

  • I am a postgraduate student who is busy with a research project.I am going to use the application for data analysis,with the info that we have gathered from questionnaires.

  • I am going to use it for calculating the results for my master thesis in metacognition, named Metacognitive judgement and the testing effect"

  • particular purposes and works relationship with health items. Eventually some data minery and questionaires about marketing, and policy business

  • I need this program for calculating examples in seminars on university in Brno, Czech Republic. The subject is Analysis in International Studies.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Officials in some Republican states want to end public funding for the organization or to investigate it in response to videos claiming that it profits from fetal tissue sales.

  • I have used minitab software for statistical data drawing and drawing graphs in 3 dimension especially response surface plots using plackett

  • statistica 8 for data analysis via duncan rule for data validation and design of experiments for optimization processing condition in masters researxh work.

  • I just use excel and didnt user any of these programs, but i need this one for school tests and for homework, because i coldnt find anoter pageh

  • none. I have not used any similar software yet. But I really prefer using Statistica because it is very easy to use and especially it highlights significant values

What do you like most about this program?
  • The best in business. Simple, fast and has everything you need. I need it for my education so please dont mind on this kind of comments. Thanks!

  • The visualization in terms of figures is wonderful. Analyses are giving detailed picture. Very Many tools are available for analysis of data.

  • Statistical analysis by this [programme is so accurate and eye catching. It is very useful in the field of Social science and make a different look.

  • it is very efficient. My lecturer said it will help me determine any relationships with my research project. It also determines a lot more than excel.

  • It's extremely useful when performing statistical analyses which are necessary for my study field (sociology). In addition, I find it to be very user-friendly.

STATISTICA is one of the best data analysis software on the market. It is designed for business leaders and individuals looking to analyze their pertinent data. The application can be used in several platforms and is great for your analysis need.

STATISTICA features great tools that output data in a detailed and customizable form. Once users input their data, STATISTICA is able to recognize the pattern in the data and output detailed graphs and statistical tables.

In a sense, STATISTICA can be a data management application as well. It classifies data in a timely fashion and its analysis technology is advanced. The data outputted should be easily understandable. New procedures and functions such as the range of data can be edited to fit your needs. There is no doubt that business professionals will like STATISTICA.