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STATISTICA is one of the best data analysis software on the market. It is designed for business leaders and individuals looking to analyze their pertinent data. The application can be used in several platforms and is great for your analysis need.

STATISTICA features great tools that output data in a detailed and customizable form. Once users input their data, STATISTICA is able to recognize the pattern in the data and output detailed graphs and statistical tables.

In a sense, STATISTICA can be a data management application as well. It classifies data in a timely fashion and its analysis technology is advanced. The data outputted should be easily understandable. New procedures and functions such as the range of data can be edited to fit your needs. There is no doubt that business professionals will like STATISTICA.


For what are you going to use the program?
  • resecrh was carried out i mulaitive district of sri lanka to estmatie the height and diater measurement for research on natural low land rain forest

  • For learning purposes, I am doing statistics so they require us to download the software. I ma downloading it for practice, I think that's it

  • educational purpose, researchers and other most important and valuable school work which i would be asked to use statistica to complete that work

  • I am a professor at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare. I will use the softyware for teaching statistical applications in ecology to post graduate students

  • Performe principal component analisys to data of my Ph.D., in which I am trying to understand better factors that contribute to the controle of cotton diseases.

What similar programs have you used?
  • IBM spss Statistics v23 nothing more than that, even so, that program is awesome but we like to have another one for best results with our data.

  • stat graphics, origin, excell and another kind of programs that i dont remember at this moment but i wll remeber but you are not going to know because im a badass

  • I have used minitab software for statistical data drawing and drawing graphs in 3 dimension especially response surface plots using plackett

  • i used before so many softwares as xlstat which included i the microsoft office excel and also tried to work on the spss and spass software

  • none. I have not used any similar software yet. But I really prefer using Statistica because it is very easy to use and especially it highlights significant values

What do you like most about this program?
  • This version has more details and easier than version 6, also have the variability graph option. Moreover graps are grater, but sometimes is dificult to edit them.

  • it's the best program for fast stats and good gread and atziri is a very strong boss so you have to use mines and traps with fire novas and whirling blades to beat her

  • Due that is easy to use and has a friendly interface. Graphics that are performed within the program are of excellent quality and easly editable

  • The visualization in terms of figures is wonderful. Analyses are giving detailed picture. Very Many tools are available for analysis of data.

  • The best in business. Simple, fast and has everything you need. I need it for my education so please dont mind on this kind of comments. Thanks!


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