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Password Recovery .MDB 2.5.0

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  • I want to open an old mdb file of my software for contact for which i forgot the password. I have tried a number of alternate passwords also, but they did not work.

Developed and intended to save every one before their doom in looking and retrieving passwords, Password Recovery .MDB is here to help. Password Recovery .MDB is a new software specifically designed for the protected access data bases as well as the MS access. This software is far different than the other because it specifically designed to meet the task of retrieving passwords in a highly effective and efficient way.

Password Recovery .MDBis a useful utility that is used to reclaim for the data bases of MS Access. This software provides simple yet quick assistance in recover lost password on MS Access. Password Recovery .MDBis designed in such a way that it recovers all passwords of MS Access even without the old password.

With this newly designed software the subscribers of MS Access would have their own way of recovering and protecting their computers, the Password Recovery .MDB would surely be a hit and would be utilized worldwide. Retrieving passwords has never been this easy.