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convert very easily and very fast all the documnets that you have from word to the pdf format

By Merci Johnson

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

Word to pdf concerter 10 is a tool to convert all the files you have created with Microsoft word to pdf document within seconds. It functionalities of text creation and edition is awesome. Thanks to this magic tool which can change any document once the word to pdf converter 10 is simply installed on your computer. It shows a single button on your computer interface which allows you to export to pdf the files you are working with. By this all your reports will publish or send them through an email to all your friends or your business partners overseas.All the documents that you have in the microsoft word format will be changed to the pdf fromat very fast it made me to save on time once i was doing a presentation at my place of work.


- Functions to create text and editing

- Changes documents by a click of a button

- Publish or send documents through an email

- Changes documents only 10 times

- Can change only the first page of your document


Word to pdf converter 10 is a awesome tool and the best of its kind in the market


  • all the documents in word can be changed to pdf format
  • it is free to download


  • it has a very outdated interface
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By Kim Kiruma

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

There comes a time when you require some high level of security for a document when you are sending out to the larger world of copyright and ownership thieves . In the best of scenarios is in a case of job seekers, tender seekers, suppliers sending out quotations and more so financial reporting.

There is a need to convert the word, excel, formats into one that the intended recipient cannot alter the information sent. There is dare need to convert this into a PDF document. The software is very simple to install and use. When installed it has an add-on button on your Microsoft office package where after finishing on working on the document, you just press on (Convert to PDF) button and select a destination to save the PDF format. Being a trial version makes it absolutely free so why compromise on your document security? Get oin board and enjoy more with Word to PDF Converter.


  • Very easy to install on your computer.
  • Convenient formats for people with no office suite installed in their machine


  • Being a trial version it limits the user to full priority to convert more than one page of a document
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A multi-faceted Word to PDF conversion software that you’ll definitely love

By Kyle Daniels

On Friday, January 16, 2015

I have Windows 7 Premium installed in my Asus laptop and the Microsoft Office Suite on board as well. My Microsoft Word also has PDF plugin installed which means that I can directly save Microsoft Word files in the PDF file format. However, the Word to PDF Converter is a software that takes Word to PDF conversion to a higher level.

Unlike the built-in PDF converter plugin in Word, this software, Word to PDF Converter, allows me to do so much more. For one thing, I can convert multiple Word files into PDF. I simply specify a folder, and the software will convert all Word files inside. The user interface is quite simple and intuitive, and does not feel over-simplified. Open File, Add Folder, Settings, Pause, Resume and other buttons are positioned to the right in a vertical configuration. I can choose to specify a single file or add a folder with multiple files inside for conversion.

Additionally, I can choose to encrypt output PDF files in 128 bit or 48 bit encryption. Need to add another layer of security to your PDF files? Not a problem, simply specify a password as well as control other restrictions such as print and extracting content. I can also choose to specify and open a destination folder after the conversion process. After you’re all done, simply click on Convert and you’re on your way. Another innovative feature of Word to PDF Converter is that you can convert multiple Word files into a single, merged PDF file. Now that’s something really cool. No more worries in consolidating multiple files into one Word file. You can straightaway specify the separate files that need to be converted and then simply click on the “Merge as as Single PDF” checkbox.

Overall, if you’re working with Word documents and PDF file formats, Word to PDF Converter is a great addition to your daily software arsenal.


  • Ability to batch-convert multiple Word files
  • Merge multiple Word files into a single PDF file


  • If your only requirement is to convert single files at a time, then you don’t really need this software
  • 10 trials only in the demo version
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • For paper publication in an International journal.They need PDF format to submit the paper.So this tool will help me out in converting word.

  • am trying to write a manuscript and need to convert the graphs that have initially been in word format to pdf so that I may easily publish soon


  • absloutly convert the docs and help my businees. I really need smiliar software like this for develop our habit especially for study activity

  • This s/w We will convert office files for nation use not personally. Kindly help me after trial verson if found suitable we will purchase it.

What similar programs have you used?
  • The similar program i have used is called weenysoft word2pdf for window 7 machine. It was not able to solve my problem for me that is why i need this one.

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  • I have need some official documents for convert. It will support my offecial work for printing, documentation and so on. It is necessary to prient.

  • I truly believe yes, but this is ultimately for you to decide. Most of the people that have used The Word have actually switched from other similar

What do you like most about this program?
  • Good Responsibility also dedication very important.go ahead and best wishes. need all in one software,that is better to use all documents.bi

  • excellent software,very useful for office employee ,student and business person.thanks for PHP nuke development.Please support to all people

  • it is highly recomenit is a very excellent software and unique for converting word to adobe pdf. it is also fast in operation and compatible

  • this program provides us with latest version of software available online. I enjoy using it. It is easy to access and simple to download-it is a user friendly one

  • i have requirement for converting my all word files to pdf. so plz give download lonk for that., its very important for me., thank u and thnaku alot.

Word to PDF Converter is a tool that will allow you to convert all the files you have created with Microsoft Word to PDF documents in just a few seconds.

If you are a Word user you should be pretty much happy with the functionalities of text creation and edition that it has. But at the moment of saving the results, the options you have might not be enough.

For this reason, Word to PDF Converter is installed the simplest way on your computer: it shows as a single button on your Word´s interface, allowing you to export to PDF the file you are working with. This way, your reports will be able to be publish on a website or to send them by email to anyone who doesn´t need to have Office Suite installed on his computer.

You can try Word to PDF Converter and check its capabilities.

Trial Version Limitations:

-You will be able to use it only 10 times.

-You will be able to convert only the first page of each document.