HP Photosmart Essential 3.5 screenshot

HP Photosmart Essential 3.5

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HP did it again with the HP Photosmart Essential digital printing application. The application can be easily personalized with great features which allow an easy access to your recent photos and pictures. The professional feel of the application is identified with the ability to restore the color or any picture that is old or damaged.

For these pictures that were taken with poor resolution cameras, HP Photosmart Essential is the tool to have in the sense that it lets you manipulate every aspect of the photos. The digital photos can be edited and modified easily in the application. After loading your digital pictures, you can organize them by date or category and edit them accordingly.

After editing the photos, the printing function is easy to find and use. In case there are less ink or paper in the printer, HP Photosmart Essential will notify you. The printed photos will leave you in awe because of their high visual quality. If you are trying to print digital pictures in a professional fashion, HP Photosmart Essential is the software to have.


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