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HFSExplorer hfsexplorer-0_21-setup

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What similar programs have you used?
  • MacDrive and Paragon HFS+ and a bunch of other things like that. Why are you asking me these questions, it does not make any sense. Good bye

It is known fact that the structure of hardware and software from a Mac computer is not similar to an ordinary PC. This means, for example, that a hard disk formatted for an Apple system can’t be read in a Windows environment. That is why it is necessary to have tools like HFSExplorer.

This application has a very specific purpose: to provide you with the option to read the storage units used in Mac systems. This means allowing you to access to all content stored on the hard drive and view files and directories. In addition, it lets you to extract any file you want.

Notably HFSExplorer is very easy to use and it has a very intuitive user interface, designed in a style similar to the classic Windows Explorer.

Undoubtedly HFSExplorer provides you a unique function. This is a recommended download.