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Are you fond of eating sweets such as cakes? Well then Cake Mania is just the right game for you. With Cake Mania you can indulge and enjoy playing through decorating and selling various cakes that is enticing to taste.

Savor your hunger for cakes through decorating and personalizing them which is of course pat of the game play. Cake Mania takes you to the feeling that you are the trusted baker or rather a patisserie owner that produces number of deliciously looking cakes with various colors and sizes. Cake Mania gives you the freewill of having things done your way. Beat the time by selling as much cakes as you can by completing number of orders that comes in to your store daily.

Cake Mania is one of the best games that you could ever play no matter what your age maybe. Cake Mania is one of the most tasting way to savor and feed your imaginative and creative mind.