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Excel Password Recovery 5.0

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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Excel password remover supports all versions of Microsoft excel. Sometimes it is not necessary to put passwords in your files if the device is used by you only, but at times when using a device used by many, it is necessary to put a password. For a case where you forget your password and need the information it can be tricky, but once you have excel password remover to solve this issue.

The interface of this software is very easy to use once installed and it is able to unlock many passwords at a go. If you have various sheets with each with a password then you can remove all the passwords sheet by sheet. You can share, communicate and analyze output where data is turned into solid information by this application. Anyone with simple computer knowledge can use this software with much ease.

If you are in an office securing your documents can be quite safe for you but losing a password can be discouraging especially if you’re work is required by the boss immediately. Since excel password remover has various key features that will assist in unlocking a lost password, then you should not be worried.


  • It works for multilingual passwords
  • It removes passwordsand unlocks them instantly.


  • Doesn’t support latest Excel version.
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For security purposes, you can choose to encrypt your Excel files especially when these files are confidential, contain sensitive account names, and account numbers. However, you may encounter problems like forgetting the passwords you used for it. Excel Password Recovery gives you a hand in that matter.

Excel Password Recovery is a tool for recovering passwords from your zip Excel files. Any type of password is supported and can be recovered by this amazing recovery tool. You just need to extract first the zip Excel file and then run the application; next is you need to enter the path to the zip Excel file as well as the minimum and maximum length of the password; click the ‘Start’ button and wait until the recovery process progresses and show you the result.

Excel Password Recovery is perfect for most users that usually handles zip Excel files and wants to have a backup tool to make sure that whenever he forgets the password, there is a reliable tool he can turn to.