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Chessimo 1.7

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Do you want to improve your skills in playing chess but you don’t have enough time to study different methods? Then you should try Chessimo. It is excellent software that trains you about the technique in playing chess.

This program offers advance chess training system which helps you improve your playing tactics. The strategies are developed with the help of international chess grandmasters. You can have lots of ideas when it comes to opening and endgame techniques.

The training process in Chessimo is based on repetition and memorization of positions and patterns in chess. Since the techniques instantly become part of your memory, you can develop your combinatory and strategic vision.

During the process of training, you can play against the computer in an interactive way. Download Chessimo and have an easy way to master chess.

Trial Version Limitations: - Nag screen. - You will be able to use it only for 15 days


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