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McAfee Total Protection 2010

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Detect and block threats instantly in your system and keep your personal information safe always

By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, January 11, 2016

Our computers are infected daily by different kinds of viruses hence destroying the work we have saved, the speed of our computers, get access to our personal information and the rest. Here you need a fast and accurate protection tool for your computer system. And no other than McAfee Total Protection 2010 which works in a very fast way to detect and block threat. It gives you updates of your PC instantly and its scanning is very fast keeping your computer up to date always. It is equipped with anti phishing which informs you of any websites risks so you are sure of the safety of your PC from hackers, keeping your personal information safe and also your identity is safe. It is also equipped with spam identification which protects your inbox in your email not to be loaded with junk mails.

To get the fastest and most effective security tool and keep your PC safe always, go for McAfee Total Security 2010


  • Its very fast and effective.
  • It detects and blocks threats in seconds.


  • No con to comment on.
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Every day, thousands of new forms of viruses are created. Traditional security measures may not be reliable anymore for your computer’s protection. Luckily, you can get the fastest and most effective security tool with McAfee Total Protection.

Unlike the other security programs, this application instantly detects and blocks threats in just a matter of milliseconds. You can now enjoy instant updates and faster scans. Since there are lesser processes that take up the computer’s memory, your PC can run better than before!

With McAfee Total Protection, you are guaranteed that the outsiders who can hack your PC are blocked. The enhanced phishing protection informs you about a website’s risk. This way, you can be safe from identity theft or unauthorized access to your personal information.

Moreover, the improved spam identification helps prevent spam from clogging the inbox of your email. Try McAfee Total Protection now and be worry-free.