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Google Translate Client 6.0.612

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If you’ve ever done some research on the Internet and found some resources but these were in a different language, then you know how important translating software can be. Google Translate Client is a software application that lets you translate text in more than 50 languages. This easy to use translator lets you translate text without having to copy and paste from page to page.

You simply download Google Translate Client and the Google Translate icon will appear on your status tray. Upon initial startup, you need to specify your desired output language, after which it’s so easy to use. You simply open any web site and highlight the text or paragraph that you need to translate. Click on the “G” icon that appears next to your mouse pointer and the translated text will appear in a popup window right below. You can copy the entire translation or just a part of it, and you’re done!

Translating is quick and easy with Google Translate Client. Try this software and download it here!