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If you’ve ever wanted to use a software that can complement your Internet browser from malware, then you should try Prevx SafeOnline. This practical and useful software works closely with your Internet browser by allowing you to configure the security levels of websites that you access. You will then be protected from browser based threats and attacks, such as data stealing Trojans, screen grabbers, keyloggers, phishing attacks and so much more.

Prevx SafeOnline allows you to shop and bank safely online by protecting the information you type on sensitive data fields such as credit card number, username, password and other crucial data fields. You can now surf shopping sites such as, Paypal and many other portals.

So if you do a lot of banking, shopping and other critical online transactions, you should download Prevx SafeOnline and safeguard your data today!

Trial Version Limitations:

- Some functions are restricted.

- You will only be able to use this software for a limited period of time.